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Express for 10 lessons

Unique course the novice player! If You want to learn how to play tennis, unique Express course from Stanislaus Music is what You need! Main criteria: exercising you have to get pleasure not only from playing but from training. An experienced mentor mentally tune into your level, and You together to achieve the desired success.

Tennis is after all an intellectual game, and You will have to show not only skill , but also the erudition. Stanislav I am sure that a good play can be taught solely "over the head" . Only by understanding causation and catching the overall picture of the game, a student of the well and permanently learns the material covered. The program consists of 10 lessons where You will learn the basic techniques of basic tennis strokes( forehand, backhand, volleying, smash and feed), the technique of movement around the court,major tactical techniques, the rules of the game to the account.You will also receive a personalized exercise program and the author's video course "Tennis - the road to success."