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This book - is as unique as, for example, a benefit on Zen Buddhism. After all, tennis has a similar feature - the continuity of knowledge, which is transmitted from the trainer to student.

The prototype of this benefit, in its own way, was the small booklet, published in 1992. But to be honest: the idea, the basic principles of innovation and the material itself - were brought together much earlier. But most of professional tennis trainers continued to refute such a possibility as studding to play tennis by the book. Fortunately, these days it has become apparent that the whole tennis world rests on the methods and laws which are formulated by one of the best trainers in the big tennis - Nikolai Kanaryukov. His students joke that Nikolai is the trainer number two, because the first hasn't born yet.

Tennis - a game with a great and rich history. And Ukraine has taken its place in it due to such enthusiasts as Kanaryukov.

So, the question is still open! Is it possible to study how to play tennis by the book. "If this book is "Wimbledon starts here "- of course! And on quite decent for a beginner-level athlete! "- This words belong to authors of the book.

Of course it is absolutely impossible to do without a real trainer. But this book is able to give invaluable foundations through a systematic and accessible description of the complex and beautiful universe device called "Tennis". Practical explanations, based on the laws of physics; theory, based on the techniques and tactics; unique principles autogenous based bioenergy laws - all invaluable half-century training experience, multiplied by the athletic talent and intuition masters now is available to everyone!

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