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Tennis World Class
How to study play tennis due to innovation approach
  1. The tactics of the game in slow motion video format.
  2. 3D animation of basic tennis strokes.
  3. Practical explanation from the book "Wimbledon starts here".

Obeying to the laws of time and the evolution every reasonable person have to move forward and its mean never stop to study and always seek to comprehensive development. Modern technologies and innovations are used everywhere, in all spheres of life, and certainly sport in general and tennis in particular also couldn't ignore them. Neither the conservative nor the aristocratic traditions of tennis could not withstand the onslaught of popularity and commercialization of tennis. This sport has become a spectacular show, even a performance, and entertainment of it strengthened by the video replays named HawkEye. Rafael Nadal plays a Babolat racket with built-in sensor, and many others athletes use smart watches and fitness trackers! It must be admitted that modern technology gathers and analyzes information quickly and accurately than the person do. The trend of modern tennis, as well as the trend of our days - the widespread use of devices and technologies that helps to improve your success. This is why we created our project Tennis iTrainer- interactive training for all tennis fans. Within its framework we suggest you to purchase training manuals developed by the latest technologies, as well as to get advice and lessons from the creators of Tennis iTrainer. We wish you to be successful in life and on the tennis court.

Yours faithfully, Stanislav Musyka