Tennis                 iTrainer
Date of Birth:15.05.1981 (zodiac sign - Taurus)
Physical Dimensions:Height 175cm; Weight - 75 kg
Married. brings up two sons.

Stanislav A.

Tennis trainer, tennis analyst, author of books, author of tennis methodology, developer, maecenas.

Honored master of sports , honored coach of Ukraine has the training certificate ITF Level 1
Training experience: 18 years.
Started to play tennis when he was 7 years old.

1995-1997 played for junior national team of Ukraine.
1999-2001 play for the national team of Ukraine
2005 the founder in Kiev Tennis Academy
2007-2008 the coach in the junior championship of Ukraine (U16)
2009-2012 senior trainer and captain of the tennis team of the national economic university in Kiev.

Result of work: 12 masters of sports

At the moment, Stanislav is co-author of the video "Way to Success" and the book "Wimbledon starts here" - a unique benefit tennis training.

The author of the Tennis World Class - mobile 3D application.

Tennis analyst, biomechanics specialist (conducting biomechanical analysis and correction techniques of the game, using a computer video analysis and comparison with a standard derived in the course of work on the Tennis World Class application.